You care for patients. Who takes care of you?

At Elitecare, we understand your problems and know how to solve them. Our services cost-effectively optimize patient care, while giving applicants opportunities to use and advance their skills. Placing industry professionals in per diem nurse jobs and travel nurse jobs in California is just a small part of what we do.

Since 2002, we’ve connected skilled nursing and allied health professionals with desirable facilities. The experience and dedication of our friendly office staff, paired with our national Joint Commission accreditation, assure the highest-quality care.

From hospitals to schools to outpatient facilities, medical billers to RNs, we have the experience and resources to nurture your needs.


  • Elitecare Medical Staffing, Inc. is committed to providing the highest-quality service to its clients, a pleasant and supportive work environment for its staff, and to becoming a respected and contributing corporate citizen within the communities it serves
  • Elitecare will develop, educate and motivate its employees to exceed client expectations in service, knowledge and ethical behavior
  • Elitecare Medical Staffing, Inc will accomplish this with continuous consideration for customer value, competitive pricing and community spirit
  • When providing medical personnel, there is no margin for error or incompetence
  • Elitecare will eliminate such possibilities by providing the most qualified and suitable personnel for the job, backed by the best possible training and support